17 thoughts on “CloudShell-2 for ODROID-XU4 first impressions”

  1. Hello,
    can anyone share their experience (speed MB/s) of use of subj over smb2-3/nfs protocols? if someone uses luks on their drives, speeds will be interesting as well.
    is usb to sata interface enough for raid on the subj?

  2. What is the model number of the Noctua fan you use as cooler for your hard drives in your cloud shell 2? – Will order one too 🙂

  3. Hey
    Wo hast du denn deine Cloudshell2 her?
    amerDroid sendet ja leider nicht nach DE und Pollin ist glaub ich auch nicht der billigst Weg ^^

      1. Me too. I have the dark blue CS2 in RAID1 ops since weeks.
        Only few items left for wishes:
        – Poor S.M.A.R.T support (SATA I/F passes very few basic Information, i.e. no drive temperatures).
        – No ECC-RAM and no WOL onboard (by Odroid-XU4 design)

  4. Hi obihoernchen,

    nice CS-2 appearance! So you connected the custom +12V fan just to the foreseen +5VDC fan plug on pcb or did you re-attach it to the +15V/6A main supply (i.e. via 7V adapter)? I just ask and wonder to find the +5VDC supply for the fan in the CS-2 schematic diagram.

    Thanx for reply!

    1. Hey,

      uhm actually I think it’s just a standard 3 pin 12VDC fan plug. And you get an optional resistor to lower this to 7? VDC. Didn’t measure it but with 5VDC my fan wouldn’t spin like it does right now 😉

      1. Well, that’s I’m wondering since in the open circuit diagram the fan power of the CS-2 is tapped to 5VDC – thus makes less sense with a current limiting additional resistor. I expect 15V from the main voltage which can be reduced with that resistor board (to approx. 12V). By the way: did you use that limiting R? I just bought a “BeQuiet!” fan with 12V to get the noise as low as possible.

        We’ll see when it arrives in a couple of days. Thanx for reply!


        1. Disregard (for others): Despite the fact that this is a very nice fan please do NOT use the current BeQuiet! fans since due to their constructional features there is a gap between the prefab backplate of CS2 and the fan resulting in a “short circuit” in terms of airflow slipage degrading Efficiency. Be sure to use a totally shape covering fan to prevent this!

          1. Hello,
            all set-up and working straight out of the box. There is a mistake in the CS2 circuit diagram as I mentioned before and the fan is working on +12VDC in fact – as you said. I didn’t use the limiting R board either since the finally mounted Noctua fan is not noticeable (~1600 rpm). @obihoernchen thanks again for reply.

            Best regards,


  5. Interesting… Could you write something about your desired final setup with the CloudShell2.
    Is the HDD fan more quiet than the normal XU-4 fan or why did you choose the passive cooler on the XU-4?

    1. Hi,

      yes I hope I have some time for it…
      The stock fans are actually quite loud in my opinion (XU-4 and HDD). Now with the new fan it’s pretty much noiseless if the HDD is not spinning. You don’t need a lot of airflow for this case. My new fan is spinning even slower than the stock fan at 7V.
      A passively cooled XU-4 makes sense in a CloudShell2 case because it’s basically actively cooled in this case because of the HDD fan 😉 It’s way colder than my XU-4 with stock CPU fan.
      Idle at 30°C and I never saw temperatures above 70°C under load (this is with my new fan which spins really slow).
      By the way it’s a Zalman ZM-F2 LED Shark Fin.

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